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Creating a Service Culture


Why service culture???

“The success of any business can be measured by its ability to create and keep customers.”

Organisations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing their business to create customers yet very few spend any money on training their staff to provide these customers with service that will keep them coming back. 

“It costs 5 times as much to create a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.”

In my years as a Club Manager and as a consultant to the club industry, I have been amazed by how few clubs have actually exploited the advantages of creating a GREAT customer service culture.  I have watched Clubs spend millions of dollars refurbishing and updating their facilities, and then listened as they complained that it did not produce much more income.  The mistake they have made has been to create a wonderful new facility with the same poor levels of service.   Even the very best renovations could have been far more successful if the club had invested a small percentage in creating a customer service culture.

"A service culture is a marketing tool in itself.”

We all know how much value we give to word of mouth recommendations.  If a friend praises a business or organisation, we are far more likely to believe them than any recommendation we come across in a newspaper or magazine.  So, naturally, if we are told that a business takes pride in helping customers, and goes out of its way to solve problems, we are more likely to choose that business over a competitor. There are enormous benefits in becoming a business renowned for outstanding service. 

“Spending 10% of your marketing budget on creating excellent service is a great marketing tool, and will result in the best form of marketing - word of mouth”.

Not only that but your customers will spend more per head and satisfied customers are prepared to pay higher prices, you receive fewer complaints, your staff are happier and more productive.
If you just paint the ceiling in your venue very few people would notice a difference.  The same is true of customer service - one customer service training program will not do the trick. 

Our program runs over twelve months and is designed to leave the business with the skills, knowledge, understanding and ability to maintain exceptional service standards into the future.

We look at all your systems, policies, processes and procedures as well as provide training and coaching for managers and staff in CREATING and MAINTAINING a SERVICE CULTURE.

In most organisations the highest cost centre is the employee payroll.  Creating value in this area is reflected in the service provided to the customers.  Effective training in this area makes the greatest use of your greatest resource.  Creating a great customer service culture will give your organisation a unique advantage.

It is well known that people experiencing good service pass that information on to at least 5 people and people experiencing poor service will tell at least 20 people.  It costs 5 times more to create a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer.

The two main reasons customers change businesses are:

  1. Price 8%
  2. Service 40%

Having great customer service and customer satisfaction requires the commitment of management, supervisors and front-line employees to create and maintain a strong business philosophy. These are all influential factors of any business.  Mastering these aspects means becoming more competitive in the marketplace today.

Creating an EXCELLENT customer service culture will add enormous value to an organisation.  It is the one true way of creating a competitive advantage.  We know that pricing can be copied, quality can be duplicated,  however truly excellent customer service is unique.  It is unique because organisations are reluctant to commit fully and effectively to creating the culture.  Creating Synergy introduces the complete customer service culture to an organisation.  We develop a culture that will support itself on an ongoing basis through applying effective training,  benchmarks, communication and measurement.

Some of the benefits are:

  • increased spend per customer
  • greater customer retention
  • increased customer numbers
  • lower operating costs
  • effective word of mouth marketing
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