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Values Development

Creating Synergy conducts the following Values Development programs:


Values effect every thought we have, every decision we make and every action we take.  It has been proven that values based organisations have high productivity, higher staff retention rates, less industrial relations issues, improved customer service and increased market-share.  Creating Synergy provides comprehensive, cost-effective Values Based Training for entire organisations from Executive Management, middle management, supervisors, team leaders and frontline and back of house staff. Request more information.


Leadership is probably the most important factor in the development growth and success of organisations.  Creating Synergy conducts values based Leadership Development Programs to allow leaders to understand their values and the alignment of values with the organisation and its employees.  These programs develop different leadership styles, communication skills, planning and time management strategies.  Creating an action plan to create a work/life balance and manage stress levels is part of the program.

Successful people KNOW what their values are! Request more information.


This values based program allows participants to discover their priority values.  Your values identify what in life is really important and unique to you.  These are your beliefs, wants, desires and preferences.  Values are our unconscious motivators.  A key characteristic of successful people is that values are their conscious motivators.  The program develops goals and action plans to allow participants to pursue the things in life that they find inspirational and motivating. Request more information.


A simple program to discover your top 9 priority values and create a plan to live those values.  Participants in this program find life more fulfilling and discover a high level of happiness through understanding the values that motivate and inspire them. Request more information.

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