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2IC Consulting

Creating Synergy provides professional 2IC Consulting and specialise in the following:


As organisations grow they often find themselves in a situation where the growth requires the appointment of more managers yet their revenues have not grown sufficiently to support the cost.  The result is the existing management team works more hours and becomes more stressed.  Creating Synergy can fill this gap by providing management expertise on a flexible basis while the business grows, we provide Operations Management, Human Resource Management and Project Management on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the requirements of the client, we will also assist with finding an appropriate person to fill the position on a full time basis when required.


Organisations put a lot of resources, time and energy in to hiring the best employees.  Keeping them and utilising their skills and abilities to benefit the organisation in the most effective and efficient manner is critical to an organisations growth and success.  Creating Synergy assists in the development of communication and performance feedback strategies, career development, employee rewards and incentive schemes, training and skills development programs for organisations.


Creating Synergy assists organisations to develop a Strategic Plan for their future, developing a list of organisational values, a Mission statement and a Vision statement.  We then create a plan for the future growth and development of the organisation, create goals for the coming year and create an action plan including what will be achieved, by whom and by when.  Communicating these statements, goals and action plans in a simple and effective manner.


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