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Business Excellence

Creating Synergy provides the following services in the area of Business Excellence:target - click to enlarge


Creating excellence in business by identifying the systems and operations that need improvement allows us to help in creating a best practice organisation.

Providing efficient and effective solutions that add value to the business is an important feature of our service.

Developing a Performance Management structure to align with a Customer Service Culture gives an organisation a point of differentiation from their competitors while developing repeat business and word of mouth marketing.

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It has been proven that values based organisations have higher productivity, higher staff retention rates, less industrial relations issues, improved customer service and increased market-share. 

Creating Synergy provides comprehensive, cost-effective Values Based Training for entire organisations from executive management, middle management, supervisors, team leaders and frontline and back of house staff.

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Creating Synergy assists organisations to develop a Strategic Plan for their future, developing a list of organisational values, a Mission statement, a Vision statement. 

We then create a plan for the future growth and development of the organization, create goals for the coming year and create an action plan including what will be achieved, by whom and by when.  Communicating these Statements, goals and actions plans in a simple and effective manner.

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Organisations put a lot of resources, time and energy in to hiring the best employees.  Keeping them and utilising their skills and abilities to benefit the organisation in the most effective and efficient manner is critical to an organisations growth and success. 

Creating Synergy assists in the development of communication and performance feedback strategies, career development, employee rewards and incentive schemes, training and skills development programs for organisations.

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In most organisations the highest cost centre is the employee payroll.  Creating value in the area is reflected in the service provided to the customer.  Effective training in this area makes the greatest use of your greatest resource. 

Simple and effective customer service training provides the focus for sound service benchmarks and encourages return and repeat business.

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The pace of innovation and development in todays business climate is faster than ever.  Organisations need to evolve grow and embrace change. 

Creating an organisation that not only embraces change but is at the leading edge of change ensures the growth and survival of the organisation. 

Creating Synergy creates this environment in organisation.  We provide a complete change management program that ensures innovative practices and strategies are part of the culture of your organisation, from leaders, managers through all employees of the organisation.

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